When working 1 on 1, we are entirely dedicated to you!

Unlike group classes, where we do all the work and training throughout playing, individual classes are intended for owners with dogs who have behavioral problems.
This type of work is called behavioral modification and is intended for some of the following problems:

Individual work begins with a detailed questionnaire after which a live consultation is scheduled. Depending on the type of problem, consultations are held either in the home of the owner or in the premises of the Pet Institute.

If you are a cat owner, this type of work is ideal for you. Cats are solitary animals, and they enjoy spending time alone in their environment without other distractions.
That is why this type of work with cats usually means coming to the owner’s address.

If your cat exhibits some of these behaviors, now is the time to contact us:

If you have any questions

Write to us and make your individual appointment in time!

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