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We humans are verbal beings, who with our spoken words can cover up our real emotions and mask our body language. Animals can’t do that. They behave exactly how they feel. Our pets do not understand our human speech, but they do understand our body language. That is why it is said that they see us truly as we are, they see our soul. That is why we have a huge obligation to be as good as we can towards them, and also towards ourselves.

We need to understand them, we need to help them live in our human world, we need to be their positive leaders and teachers. The owner-pet relationship is a product of mutual cooperation, proper communication and upbringing. Understanding the nature of the animal, its emotions and needs is the basis for initial education and training.

My idea has always been to educate as many people around me as possible about what it really means to own a pet, to teach them to look at things from a different angle, from an animal perspective, because that is the only way we can get an objective picture of both problems and solutions.

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Client experience

“Šak and I are thrilled! I will continue to work with him on his focus , as well as heeling and recall . I finally found out how I should work with him so that he can obey the command even when we are outside and there are a lot of distractions . More importantly, I started to trust him a lot more!

MIlica & Šak

“We started practicing what we did in class and I’m thrilled with the results. I started using hand feeding in training, and it turned out that I did training with Tommy three times a day with a meal. He reacted great, he is responding more cheerfully, and he is much better in walking next to me.”

Katarina & Tomi

“Thanks for the great tips, we started applying them right away and I can inform you that Pixie may have been uninterested, but only because of the heat, but as soon as he got home he started listening to the commands. :) The most important thing for us is that he has been eating normally for two days now, without refusing food, and that we have finally raised his motivation to work ”

Marina& Piksi

“Although Vuki is a timid dog, he felt very comfortable at a class and I can see that he is enjoying while we work. I learned how to better interpret his behaviors when he gets scared and how to react properly in those situations to help him. He has been fearfull all his life, and that is why this kind of work suits us both.”


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